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  The town called Daghestanskiye Ogni has been built on the land where the flames was burning out through the ground.All homeless folk was comming to that place to rescue themselves from wild animals and cold weather,there was allways warm and safe.
  When did appear in The Derbent region "mysterious" the torches of fire, which gave then name to this place, is not known, possably this occurred after the earthquake of 1904, which happened precisely in these places. Earthquake destroyed layers from the vestnyakovykh rocks, and through the cracks from the depths of the earth began to percolate natural gas.

Old residents recall, that these places early hour she frequently gave shelter to the travellers, who on the night lit bonfires. Now the flame of bonfires became blue, it was raised to not bu and it dispersed along the cracks in the soil. The fetters of niki in the superstitious fear they escaped from these places, and torches began to burn constantly.This place had been called "Ogni" (fires).

Astrakhan capitalists Of Malyshevy, heard about the burninng gas from the ground in Daghestan, had visited, they inspected this locality and was studied the possibilities of the organization here of the production of glass, near the fires. In the settlements of Sabnava and Achi were discovered natural quartz sands, basic raw material for the production glass, a question with the raw material was resolved on the spot. In 1913 they leased in Derbent Khan section into for the building: plant, and in 1914 they begun the buld factoey, without having completed building, they began the production of glassware.

They brought the first master-glassblowers from Astrakhan, where already worked glassplant. Working conditions on the new after to water byli extremely heavy; therefore workers named this place "Walley of death and fire". Malyshevy so did not have time finish the building of plant - the reason was revolution and civil war. This task could be solved by the Soviet regime. Restoration and building of new glass factory on the base of natural gas in South Daghestan became one of its first priority tasks.

  Rambler's Top100
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