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This town,like all the other ones, had been built and developed by people. This part of page is contains the descriptions of the most outstanding people of our town.

Gebek Aliyevich Nasrullayev did arrive into the industrial training school of glass factory "Daghestanskiye Ogni" from the the impoverished to peasant family of the Kaytagh region. There was this in the war years; therefore from the first days of study in FZU students worked at the plant. First time Gebek Aliyevich was determined into the shop of consumer goods, and it began to seize profession of the blower of glasswares.

When war ended and the country needed construction glass for restoring of the destroyed by war cities, machine-van shop it became main object at the plant. The here breaker of glass arrived Gebek Aliyevich. Then it began to work by onboard, assistant foreman and as senior master of the vertical extraction of glass. There are many undertakings on its calculation: this and prolongation worklife of the work of machines, to ten times increasing estimated time, both an increase in pull rate of glass and centralize is the hearth the carting of raw material, which gives the large savings of raw material, and by the instruction of masters, and also active participation in the public life of plant. For the great working successes in the years of the seven year school Gebek Nasrullayev it was to grazhden the Order of Lenin.



Plant increased power and improved technology. The high portion of heroic labor it put in this Gebek Nasrullayev. It developed proposal about the improvement of the construction/design of the filling part of the glass furnace , considerably prolonged the period of the service of arch, in the construction of furnace the electrosmelted fireproof materials were used and was established the improved screen designed by engineer Germanov. The carried out reconstruction was based on the simulation of the knots of the bath- glass speech and channel VVS (vertical extraction of glass). The productivity of machines grew considerably more rapid than outlined . The production of glass reached more than 10 millions m2 with a sharp reduction in its prime cost.

Plant occupied the first place in the socialist competition among the glass factories of Russian federation. Highly evaluating the contribution of Nasrullayev G.A. to the successes of plant and in connection with the 40- anniversary of formation BY THE USSR, by the order of the minister of industrial materials OF THE RSFSR to it was appropriated honorable title the "The best worker of profession", and on 7 May, 1971. for the working valor and the heroism in in the fulfillment of targets - Scientific Research Institute the tasks of five-year plan by the edict of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet OF THE USSR Gebek Aliyevich Nasrullayev was honored the title of Hero of Socialist Labor with the presentation of the Order of Lenin and gold medal of "Serp and hammer".

With the love I always recall about the elder generation of workers, in which it learned the skill of profession. My elder friends - Russians Pavel Lebedev and Mikhail, Koskov, Lezghian Khair Abasov, Babahay Muslimov, Avar Mouslim Musayev - willingly did give to me, to Darghinian "secrets" its work experience. Wonderful these were master! And this hour after is more than fourth century, 4 with the appreciation I think about my first teachers." - Remembers Gebek Aliyevich, - after their retirement on pension responsibility for the fate of production lay on our arms. Next to me worked the representatives of the second generation, many of whom finished school FZU we, master of the second generation, we are already the veterans of production, but in our successes we, first of all, see the merit of our teachers. Now we are trainining young - third generation of plant workers. So from generation to the generation are transferred the best traditions of plant, which connect into one large family and those, who stand in the cradle of the industry of Soviet republic, and young people, which only began its working way.



During the years of patriotic war into sixteen years N. Zhukova entered into the plant school FZU it it successfully graduated from school and on it shone brightly the profession of rezchitsy of glass. Young cutter attentively followed the work of veteran of the plant of the Baba Mardanov, to which the record of the cut of glass for the change belonged at that time, and it learned in it the secrets of profession. Hope Vasilyevna recalls, that the encounter with the ram Mardanovym played large role in its fate.

More than 30 years have passed since then. Both of them now the veterans of plant, on - them are equal also an example is taken from them. There is to what to learn in the hope of Vasilyevnas, which returned to native for the water of more than twenty years. It once did not leave by the leader of socialist competition, she became the teacher of young people. Many young female workers it trained the professions of cutter of glass. Kurbanmagomedova Tanya six months learned in the hope of Vasilyevnas, imitating over her adroitness and attentiveness, after learning instantly to react to the quality of the tape of glass. Then it began to cut by glass- itself, and began the day, when Tanya worked in the cutting table whole change. And when after summing up of the results of day it did become clear that the standard exists, difficult to say who was glad more - teacher or student. They permitted working independently from this day for Tanya Kurbanmagomedova.

At the opened table Nadezhda Zhukova. Near her stands young cutter from The Sumgait plant - the Azerbaijanian woman Alikperova. It attentively scrutinizes in the motions of the hands Nadya, as it rapidly and accurately cuts the sheet of glass. Several sheets they cut out together. Later at the encounter in Sumgaite Alikperova had told: "bribes in the labor of the Nadezhda Zhukovoy present working heroism. When to me it was difficult, precisely, it would arrive to the aid and in me how was born the second respiration..."

Many, after receiving from the Nadezhda Vasilyeva start in life, left to work on other glass factories of the country. N. V. Zhukov it strives as it is possible to more widely propagandize its wide experience and foremost methods of labor at other plants of branch. It makes this gratis in the free time, and frequently also during rest.

Simple and disinterested person, Nadezhda Vasilyevna deeply investigated also public affairs. More than twenty years it continuously worked as the chairman of the trade-union committee of plant, he was member Derbent GK OF CPSU - COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION and Dagsovprof. She said on one of the meetings in the shop: "comrades, to foresee, that the measures, by which we evaluate the merits of people yesterday, today perhaps no longer befit..." - this thought its workers they understood right they were guided in the daily labor.

To Nadezhda Vasilyevna Zhukova does belong plant record on cutting glass - 1700 m2 for the change. Yearly it cut out tens of railroad cars of window glass. For the working exploits Nadezhda Vasilyevna Zhukova was rewarded with the Order of Lenin. It they now know and respect as one of the oldest and most experienced workers of plant.



Mountaineer Magomed-Emin Surkhayev from the childhood became accustomed to never calming down noise of mountains noy of creek in his native Lezghi village Rukhun,and when for the first time he fell on plant, then the measured rumble of the respiration of pot furnace resembled and it forever replaced for it noise of native mountain flow. Much flowed away water in that mountain creek, until Magomed-Emin understood at the plant the difficult science of the profession of glassmaker. At first student, then charger, late is probationer in Moscow at experimental plant of the state institute of an increase in the qualification. In twenty years Magomed-Emin he became first-class specialist, who guesses the temperature in the pot furnace on only it one to known signs of the behavior of glass mass. On the initiative M.E. Surkhayeva and with the aid of its method at the plant is introduced high-temperature melting. For the last years to hundreds of tons yearly exceeds the plan of the output of the glass mass Magomed-Emin, it and such, as it, was derived plant on the front lines in this branch.

Automation was gradually inculcated at the plant. If still recently the calculations of temperature conditions achieved pirometristka, then now this profession left into the history.

Heating camera its kind the demarcation line between?vladeniyami? glassmaker and machinist in the machines of the vertical extraction of glass, each of them always in their own way determined the motion of melting in this section, moreover differences frequently appeared. the automaton of the determination of the flow of gas, pressure and furnace and operation of flues, installation of temperature conditions from the laws of pot furnace and the level gauge of glass mass put an end to these disputes.

Glassmaker Surkhayev rapidly and to the perfection studied these instruments and injected them in the practice. The gas flow was adjusted on his initiative on each burner, optimum temperature conditions was established, thermocouples were installed. Magomed-Emin possessed the richest production experience. In 1973 it was the initiator of conducting Communist subbotnik, after taking the obligation to cook by glass- on the saved fuel, during this day shop it manufactured additionally one railroad car of construction glass. Initiative was caught by other shops. Magomed-Emin participated in the reconstruction of furnace. Furnace was elongated on 50 cm, it became more capacious. Replacement of fireproof material to the bars from "Bakora-33" and the installation of the screen Germanova they made possible to prolong the period of service between the cold repairs almost doubly.

Magomed-emin willingly transferred to young people the secrets of craftsmanship, prepared more than two ten glassmakers. In it learned the first glassmakers of the Sumgait glass factory from fraternal Azerbaijan. Love for the profession it transmitted to brother Verdi and its compatriot to Manaf Vagabov.

M.E. Surkhayev became the chief glassmaker of machine- tank shop, whom at the plant on tyuey zyvayut by the heart of enterprise, and precisely because of it in the Seventies output by glass- of mass increased by 20 - 40%. It was convinced that the average-daily production of glass can be brought to 30 thousand m2 which meant additional million square meters of glass per annum. Glassmaker stood six years in the threshold of this production. After arising to the working watch in the honor KHKHIV of the Congress OF CPSU - COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION, it brought daily earnings to 30,800 thousand m2. by the new record of annual productivity of labor for the magot monkeys honey -Emin became 10 million m2 construction glass. Comrades from the joint operation repeatedly advanced Surkhayev by the deputy of local council, and they also selected the assistant of the chairman of settlement council to about the shchestvennykh beginnings. The successes of glassmaker are highly evaluated by government, M.E. Surkhayev is rewarded with the orders of October Revolution and working Red Flag.

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