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Glass factory "Daghestanskiye Ogni" - first mechanized in THE USSR. The system of those acting it entered on 18 January, 1926. New construction twice - during March 1925 and August of 1928 gg.- visited All-Union warden M. I. Kalinin. Coming forward before the highlanders - workers, he spoke:

- The building of the mechanized glass factory is the foundation of the industrialization of young Daghestan. Let the burning torch of "Ogni" way to knowledge and culture of Daghestan highlanders illuminates.

On behalf of the presidium OF VSNKh OF THE USSR and RSFSR th sitezens of "Daghestanskiye Ogni" greeted friend and the companion-in-arms of Lenin, Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinskiy. He sent the telegram: "To starting the first in the union mechanized glass factory I desire to it continuous and uninterrupted operation".

The sitizens of "Daghestanskiye Ogni" from the first days took a good start. In the report to Soviet government about starting of glass factory "Daghestanskiye Ogni" TSIK noted that the Daghestan, with the aid of the center promises "... to create from Daghestan the model developed republic, which will serve as the example to the oppressed peoples of the east".

The specialists of glass making were prepared directly in the shops. They did stretch themselves in "Ogni" peasants from the beyond the clouds villages and the settlements - Lezghians, Daginians, Azerbaijanians, Avars. To the skill of glass making they were trained in Russian masters. Their teacher became works manager Isaac Ilyich Kitaygorodskiy, who subsequently protected doctoral thesis and headed the department of glass in the Moscow chemical-engineering institute im. D. I. Mendeleyev.

Plant is enlarged and is reconstructed. About the izvodstvennaya power was initially designed for the issue of 600 thousand square meters of construction glass per annum. It actually reached 9,5 millions. sq. meters, i.e. 15 times it is more. Production is supplied cities and villages of the North Caucasus, Volga Region, Transcaucasian republics, abroad.

Plant became the school of the training of personnel of the glass industry OF THE USSR here they were trained the glassmakers of the Ukraine, Central Asia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. For starting of the plants of Baku, Chirchik, Konstantinovki and Sumgait left the Daghestanians.

On the eve of World War II is mastered the release of silicate chunks - soda, sulfate and soda- sulfate. They are intended for the metallurgical, woodworking and petroleum refining industry.



Mosaic Plate  

Rapid rates plant became to be developed in recent years. Power increase, the assortment of output is enlarged. Is mastered the production of 5 types of articles, including: kovrovo-mosaic and facing plate, fiberglass, profilita, souvenirs.

Fiberglass on the quality - was best in the country. The production of super-thin fiberglass was setted by centrifugal -filyernodutye method. This method is more progressive in comparison with the method of the bulge of primary fibers (RPV).




In the production of fiberglass by method TSFD decrease power expenditures, productivity of labor rises. All design and designing are executed by the forces of the specialists of plant and institute. Super-thin fiber heat- soundproof material according to its properties satisfies the requirements, presented to insulation for the domestic refrigerators, and also used in the civil building, and it considerably exceeds thermal insulation articles made of the staple fiberglass, obtained by method VRM.

Output of corrugated glass paneling gives the structural element, which possesses the valuable combination of properties, to builders. Walls from it ensure reliable heat and soundproofing, they create in the compartment the soft, diffuse illumination, have a sufficient mechanical strength. Capacity of shop - 450 thousand sq. meters of production per annum. It is mastered at the plant in 1971.



...Captivating of iografy of glass is supplemented with the play of colors of rainbow in the souvenirs amazing on the beauty. The articles of Russian master- glassblowers, who created the works of skill in the creative friendship with the domestic scientists and the artists, became their source.

The generation of the skillful individuals of the glass matters covers all new regions of Russian federation. It arrived, also, to the glass factory "Daghestanskiye Ogni".

From the glass tube are manufactured the sculptures "Kavkazskiy Tur". After each prime, carried out by the hand of artist-master, the article becomes perfect.

Finished sculpture is established on the table next to the deer, the doe, the peacock, the stork and the cockerels, that arrived from the people fairy tales. The play of colors of glass increasingly more finds worshippers...


To scouts of technical progress? to innovators and to inventors - worthy attention is paid at the plant.

Innovators did become the authors of a number of the means of mechanization and the automation, inculcated on the technological lines of shops, and also the introduction of the innovations, studied at other related enterprises - automatic otlomshchikov of the tape of glass, its conveyor transport from the machines of the vertical extraction of glass to the cutting tables of engravers, installation of the floating screen of the system of Germanov.

The sitizens of "Daghestanskiye Ogni" met these resolutions of congress with the enormous enthusiasm. It is decided to bring annual output of construction glass to 10 mln. square meters. Over the long term - the mastery of the production of bottles to 25 mln. pieces per annum, goods of wide demand made of the cut glass.

The funds for the economic stimulation are the source of financing measures for social development: material encouragement, the development of production and sociocultural measures.

The complete reconstruction of plant will be completed toward the end of the five-year plan. this will make possible to increase the carrying out of commodity production on 51,7 %., volume of realization up to 52 %. An increase in the volumes of production is planned/glided in essence due to an increase in productivity of labor.


of Culture  

Grows prettier the working settlement of Daghestan workers. Are now in it built houses with all municipal conveniences, palace of culture, cinema "Lezginka".

On the shore of Caspian Sea is begun the building of the sanatorium of "Khrustal" health resort for the associations of the related enterprises of the RSFSR around it is provided the improvement/service of sea beach, the building of boat station, complex of the base of leisure with the swimming pool for the autumn-winter period.

Special concern is manifested about the children of workers. For them in the copses at the sources of Kaytagh springs is built stationary pioneer camp. In it - standard habitable housings, children's cinema, the swimming pool, sport complex.



In the settlement day nurseries and kindergarten work. Are opened musical school, children's library. Secondary school in 960 places is assembled.

The Goverment highly estimated the labor of sitizens of "Daghestanskiye Ogni". For the successful fulfillment of targets with respect to the development of the industry of building materials 21 toilers it is honored orders and medals of the native land. The title of Hero of Socialist Labor is awarded to the senior machinist of the vertical extraction of glass Gebeku Nasrullayev.

Plant is transferred into the new order of planning and economic stimulation of production.

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